COMPANY INVESTIGATIONS | This specific sector represents the core business of Arcadia Company, as a matter of fact in this sector we reach the highest level of specialization. Continuous training courses and investments in technology commit that our company can be your trusted investigative partner.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS | Sector where trust between client and detective company reaches its maximum expression, given the private sphere in which it operates. The delicacy and confidentiality of Arcadia Company are synonymous with a guarantee for this type of investigative service.

CYBER INVESTIGATIONS | A new and evolving sector where Arcadia Company is present offering advice and targeted services with the help of certified personnel and ad hoc equipment.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE INVESTIGATIONS | Under the defendant's mandate, they allow the private investigator to carry out all investigations for the tracing and acquisition of evidence that supports the defense. Arcadia Company, duly licensed, is able to plan an investigative strategy aimed at this purpose.

Investigation Services


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